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Warren Paul Harris

Warren Paul Harris  

I will be your tour guide as we scour the highways and byways of the Texas cityscapes during the wee hours before dawn.


Extended Bio
Artist's Statement

"What a long, strange trip it's been" At the age of 14, Mr. Harris was taught the fundamentals of film processing by his father, who learned the discipline while serving in the U.S. Navy during WW II. Processing his own film enabled Warren to explore photography with fewer financial limitations and utilize more creative printing techniques. While living in the Los Angeles area he enrolled in a photography correspondence course in 1970, picking up some valuable film processing and printing techniques as well as learning composition and exposure through his assignments. He bought his first 35mm SLR camera, a Praktica IV-F, in 1970, graduating to Nikkormat cameras and Nikkor lenses in 1973. After the 1971 earthquake that brought Southern California to a standstill, the widespread loss of power (and insomnia brought about by abundant aftershocks), encouraged Mr. Harris to explore time-exposure photography for the first time.

Working as a Technical Engineer for Motown Records and having friends throughout the entertainment industry opened the doors to live performance photography, which proved to be a natural fit along with his exposure at an early age to the psychedelic music scene in San Francisco during the mid—to-late 1960s. This, combined with Warren's background as a guitarist since the age of 14 - and a roadie with The Grateful Dead in 1968, (hence the quote at the beginning of this bio) proved to be a perfect training ground for Rock 'n Roll photography. He has photographed Sly Stone, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Drowning Pool, Ted Nugent, Randy Travis and 3 Doors Down, to name a just a few.

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A Few Words About This Site

Panned Horses in Amish Country

This site is dedicated entirely to
time-exposure photography, a set of techniques that create out-or-the-ordinary images .

• Long-exposure nocturnal images
• Panned images
• Zoomed images

and an assortment of combinations that, when taken as a whole, generate something remarkable.

All images on this site are copyrighted and the sole properrty of Nocturnal Visions / Warren Paul Harris. copying, displaying or selling of these images is strictly prohibited. Most images here are available for purchase in an array of sizes and formats. Fulfillment Site.

The problem with finding almost everything interesting is that it generates a LOT of images. I capture new images almost every day, with a range of subjects bordering on limitless. Just keeping track of it is becoming a full time job. I have broken down my time-exposure work into the following categories to simplify the browsing process:.


• Cities@Night Project • Apparitions • Architecture
• Real Estate • Special FX • Fireworks
• All the Rest • Christmas Lights • Purchase Photos Here

My wife has said for years I should open a donut shop ( I wake up at 3:00 - 4:30am every day) but since I don't eat donuts I felt my time could be better spent recording the images most people never see (or notice). The "average" frequently becomes the extraordinary in the absence of daylight - something I discovered in 1971 after the Sylmar Earthquake up-ended Los Angeles and the citizens therein. I found myself having difficulty sleeping for weeks after being abruptly tossed from my bed before dawn one morning. That was when I discovered time-exposure photography and two of the images I captured during that time are displayed here.


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  • NPPA (National Press Photographers Association)
  • IAAP (International Association of Architectural Photographers) * Photolinks
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  • Warren Paul Harris is a showcased Photographer on SnapToIt.com
  • ModelMayhem
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  • Freelance Photographer: Star Family Newspapers
  • Cover Photographer: Frisco Image Magazine
  • Freelance Photographer: City of Frisco, Texas

My work is on display at City of Frisco buildings, Frisco Square, the Frisco Ebby Haliday office and in the homes of collectors around the D/FW Metroplex. You can see more of my work on the Dallas Segway Tours website. If you've never toured Dallas on a Segway you're missing out on a lot of fun.

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