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Artificial Illumination, that man-made tool that illuminates our environment after the sun goes down, facilitates the creation of some very interesting images.
Plano DART
station at night. A classic example of discovering something unexpected in my travels., This image caught my attention while enroute to photograph the DART platform. You can see it in the Plano gallery.

What is needed for successful time-exposure photography:

• Digital SLR Camera
• Heavy Tripod
• Shutter Cable Release
• Lots of Patience
• Even More Practice and Experience

I shoot with Canon bodes, combined with Canon and Sigma lenses. The lens makes all the difference.

Cities@Night Project

Have you ever noticed how different your city looks after the sun goes down? The absence of daylight and addition of artificial illumination brings alive the "bones" of a city, by virute of intentional illumination of select aspects of specific elements.
Frisco, Texas
Plano, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Texas Assorted

Newman Village (Frisco)

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