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If you have a project
you feel could use my unique talents, feel free to contact me and let's discuss it. I do NOT shoot weddings. Anything else is probably just fine.
You can also
fill in the form to the right and wait for me to get back to you. I'm generally pretty quick to reply, so as soon as I receive your email I will call you - provided I'm not our of the country working on some amazing project - or just taking a well-deserved break

If you just want to pick up the phone and call me, go right ahead. That's my favorite way of communicating anyway. Guess I'm just old-fashioned.
Phone: 214-232-9503
This number will reach me at any reasonable hour.


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Use the button below to Custom Order one of my images.

You will pay $100.00 as a deposit against the final invoice amount.

Enter the Name of the design + the size in inches you feel best suits your space / budget and you will be contacted by phone / email to determine exact size and finish options priior to production.

At that time we will invoice you for the negotiated final amount of the piece.

Once we receive your payment, production will commence, which generally takes 10-14 business days.

You will be updated by email at every step along the way (Printing, Mounting, Component, orders, Component arrival, Assembly).

As soon as we are ready to ship / deliver, you will be invoiced for shipping or scheduled for delivery.

It's that simple.

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