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Frisco, Texas has been my home since 2005. I relocated my studio to Frisco in 2010, to have my work closer to home.

Needless to say, since I live in Frisco, I spend a great deal of time exploring the city and recording it's history. I have contributed to almost every newspaper and a couple of magazines over the years. As a result of being a freelance photographer for these publications, I have covered news events, sports of every possible kind and City Hall meetings over the years.

Frisco is home
to a growing assortment of sports arenas, including Pizza Hut Park, Dr Pepper Ballpark and Stars Stadium, with more to come. Click on the image above to view my Frisco Galleries.
• Exemplary Schools
• Vast Public Art Program
• Low Crime Rate
• Twenty Minutes from Dallas
Quality of Life
is one of those intangible qualities the City of Frisco offers in abundance. Frisco may be closing in on "Big City" status, complete with all fhe advantages intrinsic to that title. But at the same time, Frisco, Texas manages to hang on to much of it's Small Town charm that, up until ten years ago or so, was it's stock in trade..
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Cities@Night Project - Frisco, Texas

Frisco is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. With a current population of just over 100,000, Frisco is an excellent place to live and work. With first-rate schools, a very diverse and interesting collection of architecture, and a commitment to public art, this rapidly-growing city is just the place for young families, baby boomers and grandparents alike.

The Old Town area of Frisco has been preserved to look much like it did a hundred years ago. The City's commitment to both cultural enrichment and preservation of history has culminated in a number of public art projects, a multi-story library inside the City Hall building - and a Heritage Center, which encompases several restored historical buildings near City Hall.

Dr Pepper Ballpark
Pizza Hut Park
Frisco City Hall
Double Dip Frozen Custard
Central Fire Station
School of Sufiism
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