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Time-Exposure Photography covers a wide range of styles, techniques and subject matter. From architectural photography, employing very long exposures to very creative photographs, intentionally zoomed or panned for effect, Time-exposures set themselves clearly apart from conventional photography.
lights at Frisco's City Hall and Frisco Square area are an annual institution. I have photographed them since their inception.
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All The Rest
Sometimes there are just a random assortment of interesting images left over that don't fit into a specific category... and there you have it. From automotive to hot air balloons, this category is sort of a catch-all.

Ghosts, actually. Created in the camera, utilizing time-exposures and some very disciplined models. It's not a complicated process, but it's hard to accomplish and takes quite some amount of time. These are NOT Photoshop creations. They are NOT double-exposures.

Christmas Lights,
especially in this part of the world, are a very big deal. Frisco has put itself on the map with the assistance of Jeff Trykoski as having what is likely the most impressive computer-controlled holiday lighting display in the world.


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In an effort to simplify the browsing process, I have broken down my time-exposure images into categories. Simply click on an image blow that corresponds to your area of interest and you will be taken to a page providing more information and an extensive, interactive gallery of my work.
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